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NOTE: This site is NOT affiliated with Adams State College. Video Portfolio of Miles Eddy.

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ASC Videos

by Miles Eddy

Video Portfolio of Miles Eddy

Client: Adams State College

Clients of Miles Eddy includes Adams State College where he has produced a series of promotional videos for student recruitment, created full length DVDs for the local TV station, wrote PSAs for the Reusable Bags Initiative, as well as spending over a year with ASC Community Partnerships producing a monthly one hour show about their involement with the communities of the San Luis Valley.

Adams State College
Student Recruitment Videos

Play ASC Student Recruitment Videos
Produced and Edited by Miles Eddy

A series of videos created to aid in student recruitment to ASC, especially for the athletic department. This includes a general video about ASC, about the Grizzly Athletic department, and four videos profiling individual sports.

ASC Community Partnerships
Reusable Bags Initiative

Play Reusable Bags Initiative PSAs
Produced and Edited by Miles Eddy

While working at Adams State College Community Partnerships, Miles Eddy created these Public Service Announcements as part of the departmentís reusable bags initiative campaign.

ASC Community Partnerships
Monthly Show

Play Monthly Show Trailers
Produced and Edited by Miles Eddy

Miles Eddy produced a monthly one-hour show for Adams State College Community Partnerships that was aired on the local TV station in Alamosa Colorado.

  • #1 - October, 2007 - About ASC Community Partnerships; Convocation; Chinese Delegation; Hispanic Heritage Days; Fallen Soldier Memorial
  • #2 - November, 2007 - Interview with Coach Joe I. Vigil; Take a Pie for Cancer Relief; ASC Community Outreach Center; The Chair Challenge; Business Support Services
  • #3 - December, 2007 - School Climate Change - Barbara Colorosa; Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA); Novela Project - Oral Storytelling
  • #4 - January, 2008 - Wet Lands Partnerships; Building a SEED Park; Colorado Mission of Mercy (Free Dental Clinic)
  • #5 - February, 2008 - No More Starving Artist - The Business of Art; Artist David Montgomery; Story Circles: Sharing Memories Preserving Heritage; Presidential Politics - Student Views
  • #6 - March, 2008 - Focus the Nation - Climate Change Symposium (Short Version)
  • #7 - April, 2008 - Excerpt Alamosa Water Crisis; Pizza Den (Water Crisis); Earth Week Promo; Reusable Bags Promo; Upcoming Events; Renovation Update: Todd Write Interview
  • #8 - May, 2008 - What you need to know about the mortgage crisis; EARTH Week; Solar Expo
  • #9 - June, 2008 - Roy Clennan Interview, Mortgage Solutions; San Luis Basin EPA Sustainability Project
  • #10 - July, 2008 - Mortgage Crisis Forum: What it all means?; Wayne Sheldrake: Do you have a book inside of you?; Earth Bags
  • #11 - August, 2008 - Traditional Weaving Class; Bronze Pour; Reusable Bags; Homeownership Workshop; Hispanic Heritage Days Promo
  • #12 - September, 2008 - Summer Scholars; Cancer Relief Fund Bag Toss Tournament Fund Raiser; Goodbye Jeff, Hello Mary Jo; Regional Flavor; Hispanic Heritage Day Promo
  • #13 - October, 2008 - Joe I Vigil Track Meet; Hispanic Heritage Day; Eppie Archuleta - Master Weaver; Roger Eriksen - Bag Art; Colorado Wildlife Federation - Denver Interview
  • #14 - November, 2008 - Plastic or Planet? Helping non-profits; National Heritage Area; Recycle/Repurpose Expo Promo; Colorado Wildlife Federation - Resource Media; New Interns; EARTH Group - Marty Jones

DVD "Focus the Nation" - Climate Change Symposium
Adams State College - January 31, 2008

Play "Focus the Nation" Trailer
Produced and Edited by Miles Eddy

Focus the Nation is a national teach-in engaging millions of students and citizens with political leaders and decision makers about climate change solutions. Adams State College participated in this national event with discussions led by scholars, government officials and community activists.

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