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Sebastian the Juggling Jester

"Sebastian" Miles Eddy
The Juggling Jester

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Entertainment is an important part of any event, especially in economically depressed times, and finding quality multi-talented performers at an affordable price can be difficult. Large events require not only shows, but also wandering entertainment and interactive activities. The need to encourage and engage people is more important than ever! Here is an idea you may want to consider: A juggling jester to meet and greet guests, perform juggling shows, and teach juggling lessons! How can juggling help? Consider the following:

Modeling the Renaissance Jester, "Sebastian" demonstrates the historical importance of the Jester, and about the sport and art of juggling. Being a "Renaissance Man", he not only juggles three, four, and five balls, clubs, rings, sticks, knives, and more, but is also a musician and juggling instructor. Lessons are for the entire family.


With over 20 years experience, "Sebastian" will give you the Royal treatment for your event!

Corporate Picnics, Festivals, and Parties - Performed for numerous festivals including corporate banquets, ski resorts, The Taste of Colorado, Peoples Fair, private parties, and more.

Thirteen years performing at Renaissance Festivals - Performed stage and street shows and interacted with patrons as a wondering character.

Overseas shows for Department of Defense - Three week tour juggling for kids at schools on overseas military bases in England, Scotland, Germany, Sicily, and Italy.

School Assemblies and Child care Facilities - Youth programs and lessons.

Performed at over 100 nursing and assisted living facilities - Experience includes alzheimer's wards, developmentally challenged adults, and family gatherings.

Juggling Lessons - Three ball juggling is easy, and a juggling school is perfect for gatherings of all kinds. Group lessons offer a supportive environment for cooperative learning. Informal lessons allow people to come and go as part of a larger event.


Now Booking for School Assemblies and Learn to Juggle Classes.

New activities to promote self esteem and improve learning skills are hard to find. Making these activities cost effective can be almost impossible. But the need to encourage and educate our youth is more important than ever! Here is an idea you may want to consider: Juggling workshops and assemblies! How can juggling help? Consider the following:

Juggling Builds Self Esteem - Three ball juggling is easy! Many learn in about an hour. Immediate results can be seen with each step learned.

Juggling Improves Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills - Juggling is a skill. The process of learning has its own rewards. Step by step, learning to juggle (as with any skill) will improve your abilities in other areas.

Juggling Encourages Group Cooperation (Sharing is Caring) - Group lessons offer a supportive environment for students to help each other. Youth groups are encouraged to start their own juggling clubs. The cycle of setting and achieving goals lends itself to sharing with others.

Juggling is Open Ended and Self Paced - Juggling can be done almost anywhere. Three juggling balls fit in a coat pocket allowing students to practice wherever they go!

Juggling is Cost Effective - Juggling workshops can be on-going. Those who learn at one class can teach the next. Students become the teachers thus continuing to learn. The price per student over time is low, even for small budgets, with little or no additional cost for further classes.


Learn to Juggle Classes now Available

Learn to juggle! It's easy! Juggling classes can be from 40 minutes to over an hour. I have lesson balls for the kids to borrow and additional balls for sale. I can do single or multiple assemblies, multiple juggling classes, or a combination of both. Kids are encouraged to start a weekly, social juggling club.

For more information, please call (812) 361-0067

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