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"Dead Man Walking"

PHOTO: Sister Helen Prejean with cast after opening performance of Adams State College production of "Dead Man Walking". Photo by Adams State College/Sean Weaver.


National Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project
Adams State College
Mary Van Pelt
Kathy Park

Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project
Adams State College
Alamosa, Colorado

The Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project was designed by Sister Helen Prejean (who wrote the book) and Tim Robbins (who adapted the movie and play) to "widen the circle of public discourse on the death penalty and to get young people involved through theater and the arts." What they learn from these productions will be used to produce the definitive Broadway version of the play. Sister Prejean attended the opening night performance of the play (April 21st, 2006) put on by Adams State College (ASC) in Alamosa, where a week of activities (art show, debate, symposium, etc.) engaged students and community members. Sister Prejean was excited about the response, she told Tim Robbins saying, "This was the dream! They're doing it!" No other community has participated in the play project as fully as Alamosa.

PHOTO: Logo used by Adams State College for the ASC production of the play "Dead Man Walking". Created and Copyright 2005, Kathy Park.

Community Radio by Miles Eddy

Art Show for Dead Man Walking, Adams State College

Artist Kathy Park

Kathy Park
Dream Power Art Works
Email: dreampwr@GoJade.org

PHOTO: "A Medicinal Act". Copyright 2005, Kathy Park.

Artist Patrick Boyles

Patrick Boyles
Email: patrickboyles@gmail.com

PHOTO: "Castaway". Copyright 2005, Patrick Boyles.

Artist Mary Van Pelt

Mary Van Pelt
Email: mary@maryvanpelt.com
Web: www.maryvanpelt.com

Letters From Prison

When a man convicted of a capital offence is not executed, he often faces life in prison. Since September of 1975, I have written letters to men who are serving long prison sentences. My collage tells the story of one amazing relationship that has endured three decades through letters, prison visits, long distance calls, and the slow passage of time behind the gray walls of hell. Special thanks goes to Vivia Lawson, Laura Murphy, Kathy Park, and Linda McGowan.

PHOTO: "Letters From Prison". Copyright 2006, Mary Van Pelt.
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