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"Tough Kitty"

"Perinatal Hospice"

"Appreciating Fire Workers"

Community Radio Producer Miles Eddy

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Miles Eddy
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Miles Eddy began producing radio in 1998 after getting involved with his local community radio station KRZA 88.7 FM in rural Alamosa, Colorado. He started as a DJ and now produces independent radio shorts and feature length shows on a variety of issues.

Broadcast versions of most of these audio pieces are available on the Public Radio Exchange (PRX)


Appreciating Fire Workers

On June 16th, 2006, lighting started the Mato Vega Fire ten miles from the small, rural town of Fort Garland, Colorado. The appreciation of resident's overwhelmed the 500+ fire workers who have never experienced such an outpouring.

Photo by Miles Eddy.

Appreciating Fire Workers

Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project
Adams State College, Alamosa

This community radio report covers the impact of the ASC Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project in rural Alamosa, Colorado and reactions from the playís cast, crew, and community members about the death penalty. Available as a summary or half hour show.

PHOTO: Sister Helen Prejean with cast after opening performance of Adams State College production of "Dead Man Walking". Photo by Adams State College/Sean Weaver.

Perinatal Hospice

There are few subjects that challenge the human experience more than life-and-death issues, especially when parents have to make those decisions for their infants. Independent producer Miles Eddy recently spoke with some parents who got devastating news about their pregnancy, and to the medical professionals who try to help them get through it.

PHOTO: Enhanced photo of Krae, born with a fatal heart defect.

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Single Payer Healthcare

In this six part series of short interviews, rural doctor Rocky White, hospital CEO Russ Johnson, and emergency room doctor Beth Kinney speak out from three different perspectives why the current healthcare system is broken, why it is the problem of everyone including those with good insurance, and why a single-payer healthcare system would fix a lot of the problems.


Tough Kitty

I was totally unprepared for the depth of emotion I experience when I took a kitten I have know for less than a week to the San Luis Valley Animal Welfare Society. I new I would feel sad when the time came, maybe even cry a bit, having gotten attached to the little guy. I didnít know I would be sobbing even before I put him in the cage. This essay introduces a short interview with the Animal Welfare Society.

Reality Changes the Plan

  • Listen to "Reality Changes the Plan" (4:00) - A thought provoking poem created and recorded in one night by not thinking about it too much. Sitting in a business class at the local college, Miles let the creative writing be directed from phrases and fragments heard in the lecture. With original music, this is one of the newest creative endeavors of the artist.

Star Party

  • Listen to "Star Party" (6:20)
    A visit to the monthly "Star Party" in Del Norte, Colorado to view planets, stars, and satellites in the San Luis Valley.

Wagon Train (by Michelle Le Blanc)

Paula Brooke, Independent Producer


Kids On Campus

Students 5th through 12th grade learn "Real Media Productions" as part of the Kids on Campus event June 13th through the 24th. Learning how to use video, photography, audio, and digital editing, they create stories of your own choosing, including coverage of other Kids on Campus events for Radio and other media outlets.

Photo by Adams State College/Sean Weaver.

Colorado State University in the San Luis Valley


One Minute Stories About Community!

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