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Welcome to Midi Age Productions

Independent Media Producer Miles Eddy

"Using Technology to Facilitate Creative Expression"

(812) 361-0067
Email: online@mileseddy.com

About Midi Age Productions

A sole proprietorships owned and operated by Miles Eddy since 1986

Miles Eddy has been producing multi media since 1986, beginning with authoring interactive CD-ROMS. As a professional videographer, his creative talents have helped such clients as the Colorado Science Fair, Adams State College, and the City of Alamosa. His technical and artistic background as a videographer, musician, editor, graphic, web, and DVD designer, provide the wide range of skills required to produce modern media for a wide range of applications. Throw in his 20 years experience as a professional juggler and performer, he offers a fresh mix when creating multi media for promotional and educational use.

Video Producer

A full service video producer creating media for web, DVD, and TV. As a sole proprietor, Miles Eddy can produce media at a fraction of the cost while providing the highest quality of professional service. Judge for yourself. View the following and then give him a call! (812) 361-0067.

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Promotional Video

Client: San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center

Filmed, Produced, Music, and Edited by Miles Eddy

Community/Fund Raising Video

Play Alamosa Tourism Promo
Produced and Edited by Miles Eddy

The SLV Regional Medical Center commissioned Miles Eddy to produce this video to be used for fund raising and community involvement. Other videos include a physician recruitment and an employee orientation video.

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Radio Producer

Audio is at the heart of any good media project. Sometimes, as with radio, it's the entire show. Community radio productions is just some of the experience Miles Eddy has as a multi media producer.

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Radio Feature

Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project

Produced and Edited by Miles Eddy

Play Dead Man Walking News Summary

A week of activities (art show, debate, symposium, etc.) engaged students and community members at Adams State College (Alamosa, Colorado) leading up to the debut performance of the play "Dead Man Walking".

More about "Dead Man Walking"

Sister Helen Prejean with cast.
Photo by Adams State College/Sean Weaver.

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Juggling Shows and Lessons

Learn about professional juggler Miles Eddy with over twenty years of performing experience.


Original Music CD's by Miles Eddy.

Order the music CD "The Wizards Fool" on-line now from CD-Baby.
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